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Carnally Ever After by Jackie Barbosa

Carnally Ever After (Ever After Novellas #1)
Cover from Goodreads
Published September 18th 2011 by Circe Press (first published February 18th 2011)
ISBN: 0013419668 (ISBN13: 2940013419667)
Series: Ever After Novellas #1

Summary from Goodreads:
This ebook includes CARNALLY EVER AFTER, a short story (15,000 words/50 pages), EPIPHANY, a bonus epilogue (3,400 words/11 pages) and an excerpt from Jackie's upcoming release, THE LESSON PLAN (6400 words/21 pages).
Jilted at the altar, Lady Louisa Bennett seeks the solace of a quiet, empty chapel and instead finds Alistair de Roche, her fiancĂ©’s best man and the subject of her fantasies from the moment she met him. Alistair knows bedding his best friend’s betrothed is well beyond the pale, but Louisa has haunted his dreams for months. Soon, Louisa and Alistair are caught up in a consuming love affair that threatens their families’ plans and their own hearts. Can they find a way to live happily, and carnally, ever after?
CARNALLY EVER AFTER was previously released under the same title by Cobblestone Press. The bonus epilogue, EPIPHANY, is available for free in the anthology TWELFTH NIGHT

My Thoughts:
Louisa Bennett was left at the altar by Greenville, a man she doesn't care to marry in the first place. His best man, Alistair de Roche, is there to comfort her. They want each other, but know that no one can find out. Louisa knows she is still going to have to marry Greenville, and Alistair is set to be wed very soon himself. After their first time together, she decides to defy her family's wishes, even if it is just to be his mistress. 

Carnally Ever After was a quick, hot historical read about learning not to settle for who others think you should. They may not approve, but everyone deserves to be happy with the person they love.

The epilogue to the story was very sweet. I think it made me enjoy the story as a whole a lot better. I liked the story itself, but I could really relate to the epilogue.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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